Food and drink industry


Liquid filters for the food and drink industry.
Innovative solutions for very clear results

To purify the ingredients of beverages and make them bright before the bottling line by eliminating the causes of turbidity present in liquids.

An indispensable task in the food & beverage sector.

The excellent performance of Ionex micro-filtration products translates into solutions that are able to bring brightness to new levels and to reduce or totally eliminate the microbial charge.

In this manner, consumers have access to products embodying the highest quality standards, clear, stable or totally sterile liquids.

Innovative, top-performing filtration processes may be applied to a wide variety of alimentary products, including:

  • Beer, cider and alcoholic beverages
  • Soft drinks sugar syrups
  • Aromas and essences
  • Milk
  • Alimentary oils
  • Additives