Best-in-class purity

Ionex products include new generation filter cartridges, the sturdiest filter housings, and a veritable breakthrough in filterability measurement systems. Ionex solutions add up to the most highly qualified and innovative form of purity in terms of technology and effectiveness

filter cartridges

The most innovative range of filter cartridges created for filtration, polishing and deep filtering processes. Solutions perfectly in keeping with the most demanding and specific uses required nowadays in the various sectors of industry.

Steel filter

Filter cartridges without consumable parts, entirely made from regenerable stainless steel components. For improved, longer-lasting performances, total resistance to the most aggressive materials, better operating economy for the companies.


Selecting a high-quality filter housing means to enhance the efficacy and durability of filter cartridges. Not a secondary element, but rather an indispensable component in industrial processes for better long-term results.

master filter test

An intuitive, ground-breaking system for the automatic calculation of the filterability index of a liquid, the determination of the clogging index and the creation of a filtration model.