Ionex - housing filter


A technology where details make all the difference.

Filtration efficiency is useless without the use of filter housings that ensure hygienic conditions, sterilisation capacity, no sharp corners and no nooks where dirt and contaminants may be trapped.

The ADAPTA range of filter housings in AISI 316 stainless steel has been created to ensure maximum reliability even during the delicate stage of biological stabilisation.

The fruit of a project defined by means of CAD techniques, these filter housings are mirror polished and can boast a roughness lower than 0.8 micron.

Every detail – such as the rapid dome drainage system for use at the end of the filtration process – has been conceived with a view to ensuring extreme ease of use and simplified maintenance operations.

Available in different height versions (10″ to 40″), these housings may contain from 1 to 30 cartridges and ensure perfect sealing of the cartridges even in extremely severe conditions.

Advanced type complete models

Made entirely of stainless steel, Ionex filter housings are supplied in a complete version (ADV) which includes two butterfly valves, one on the inlet and one on the outlet, a sanitary valve for sampling the liquid being filtered, and a ball valve for dome drainage.

Filter units

On request, Ionex filter units may be mounted on a load-bearing frame made from 50x50mm square-section tubular steel, fitted with stainless steel and nylon feet or with casters, so as to enable the system to be moved easily.

Butterfly valves

The latest solutions that technology can offer.

Ionex butterfly valves are obtained from hot forged parts, machined over their entire surface, and with moving parts thoroughly ground to ensure maximum precision finishes for sanitary applications. Choice of DIN 11851, CLAMP or DIN 2633 connections.

The levers, also made from stainless steel, come with 7 predetermined opening positions.

Sanitary sampling taps

The lowermost part of the housing is fitted with a sanitary grade sampling tap. An additional ball valve ensures the rapid drainage of the entire housing.

Manometer assembly

The top of the dome is equipped with an assembly consisting of

  • a 0-6 bar manometer in 316 stainless steel
  • a vent needle valve, in 316 stainless steel, with hose adaptor
  • a gas inlet valve, in 316 stainless steel, with hose adaptor
  • a sight glass in 316 stainless steel

The manometer assembly is supplied with a CLAMP connection


A by-pass can be had as an option on all (ADV) models: it consists of a sanitary stainless steel structure fitted with two butterfly shut off valves. Normally, these components come with a clamp or a DIN 11851 connector.

Other types of by-pass can be supplied to meet specific design requirements or customer requests.

Spare parts

All spare parts and special accessories are available.