Steel Filter Cartridges

Ionex - Steel filter cartridges


Of very compact design, featuring high rigidity and superior strength.

This innovative filter cartridge made from non pleated metal fabric is built on and welded to 316 stainless steel end caps which can be totally regenerated.

Excellent retention capacity is ensured together with great permeability.

It is ideally suited for the filtration of fluids and gases processed at high temperatures (360°C), high viscosity, aggressive or corrosive products, cryogenic fluids, fluid power liquids.

Ideal in self-cleaning systems requiring long hours of uninterrupted operation and minimal maintenance requirements.

This filter cartridge features extremely low pressure drops (Δp), mated to high filtration speeds and excellent counter-wash performances.

Available in the classical configurations with C3(2-222) – C7 (2-226) – DOE and BSP1 male connectors, it has porosity levels from 10 to 200 microns.