Filtration in its highest form

Ionex has raised the filtration process to new levels, in terms of innovation, safety, and results. Its products anticipate the increasingly demanding requirements from the manufacturers.

Technological advanced components

A controlled, totally reliable product. All the filter cartridges are assembled by making use of up-to-the-minute techniques, by combining innovating filtration materials and advanced pleating systems. This ensures an enhanced retention capacity and an extremely wide filtration area, which in their turn will make for greater flow rates and a longer product life.

Pure, inert and stable materials

Careful selection of the materials is the basis for the creation of cutting-edge solutions. Maximum sturdiness and chemical compatibility are ensured by high purity and high stability elements, assembled by thermal bonding and ultrasonic welding, produced in a controlled environment, and subjected to the most stringent checks.

Leading-edge design and performance ratings

Liquid and gas filtration with no risk of contamination. A critical issue in industrial processes becomes a strong point in Ionex brand products. Solutions fine-tuned to meet the growing demand for quality in the field of filtration system technology. Mechanical strength and thermal stability are characteristics of paramount importance, guaranteed by product processes specially designed to prolong the service life of the products, even after several chemical or steam regeneration cycles.

New production techniques

No resins or adhesive are used to assemble our filter cartridges: they are replaced by thermoplastic bonding techniques which ensure minimised fibre migration levels and full efficiency of the filtration medium.