Ionex Master Filter Test

Defined by the most advanced technology and the most rigorous testing methods in the field of filtration.

A ground-breaking system which is able to calculate automatically the filterability index of a liquid, to determine the clogging index and to create a filtration model.

Innovative, simple and intuitive, it supplies accurate indications that are repeatable in the working reality of filtration processes.

The software makes it possible to obtain a prompt objective assessment of the “critical points” of a production process, thanks to a fully automated filterability measurement system designed to identify the filtration sequence in a very realistic manner and to determine the relative dimensioning and micrometric values.

Ionex Master Filter Test: simulates with great accuracy the passage of a liquid in a filter under pressure and makes it possible to create in the laboratory a rigorous mathematical model based on reliable data; it is compact, flexible and easy to use; it can be connected to any PC by means of an USB cable.