Chemical industry

Chemical industry

The filtration of industrial chemicals.

To experiment and achieve clearer results

The most valid and effective solutions to the growing complexity of filtration required by the chemical industry.

Ionex filter cartridges stand out for their innovative resistance to aggressive solvents, strong acids and bases, high temperatures and severe conditions such as those dictated by industrial production.

Solid filtering processes and cartridges, with low levels of extractables, which eliminate the risk of releasing fibers and guarantee final products absolutely free of contaminants.

The typical filtration of this sector concerns the following products:

fine chemicals
aggressive chemicals
inks, paints, dyes
acids, solvent bases
additives or excipients

Depth filtration

The utmost in purity, all the way through

Separate solid particles above 1 micron from the base liquid through a depth filter to prevent the causes of turbidity. An important first step in the pre-filtration phase in all pharmaceutical liquids. Ionex has thus developed the innovative line of Matrox filter cartridges consisting of layers of overlapping polypropylene fiber to effectively trap the coarsest contaminants. A cartridge that performs an excellent separation action even on very fine particles with an average size below the micron that cause opalescence and haze in suspension.

Matrox® Matrox® Ultra Matrox® HD

Prefilters for polishing

Brilliant in terms of purity and stability

Used in the last stage of polishing for the separation of suspended particles and fine contaminants from the liquid, the polishing pre-filters guarantee a final quality filtration of fluids that do not require a total elimination of microorganisms. Ionex pre-filters are made up of high performance pleated filter elements. They thus give full efficiency and broad chemical compatibility even in the filtration of aggressive chemicals or in critical conditions. For brilliant performances even in the worst applications thanks to an assembly with heat-sealing and ultrasound techniques, which avoids any type of resin or glue. For the most common applications in this field, the following ranges of filter cartridges are available:

Sterile filtration.

Innovation in the most delicate filtering actions

The most delicate of the filtrations, the sterile one, involves the removal of contaminants and the abatement of the microbial load. This filtration is used in highly critical processes, such as blood fractionation. The technologies and materials used must therefore be absolutely reliable. Ionex has therefore defined a range of innovative solutions that are characterized by the absolute efficiency in the removal of the bacterial load, higher than 99.9999%. Strict controls guarantee constant and reproducible results at multiple levels and in the most severe conditions. The series of filter cartridges specifically dedicated to this action are: