Cosmetics industry

The filtration of cosmetics and essential oils.

Mesmerising purity

From cosmetics to perfumes, without forgetting mouth rinses. Cosmetics and personal care products often require an accurate filtration of their key liquid-based ingredients. The widespread demand for pure, glossy products entails the need for very fine clarification processes, or even sterile filtration cycles, to be carried out before the packaging stage. Designed for the removal of organic and inorganic particulate matter, the wide range of cartridges and filtration elements available in this sector is used to treat:

Perfumes and colognes
Oils and lotions
Mouth rinses
Essential oils and aromas

Depth filters: the clarification process.

Brightness as the essence of beauty

From the clarification process through the final filtration, essential oils and perfumes, personal care and hair care products call for various filtration levels prior to packaging. The clarification stage is pivotal, in that the raw materials used often contain a considerable solid contaminant load which must be removed effectively. To meet this need, Ionex has developed the innovative depth filtration cartridges in the Matrox range, which are able to retain all the residues, from the coarsest to the finest, within their polypropylene fibre mesh.


Prefiltration and brightening.

A perfect combination of filtration technologies

A clear, neat and shiny appearance is required for presentation in this market and is viewed as an evaluation criteria by the consumers. To meet this purity requirement typically associated with the cosmetics sector, Ionex offers a wide range of filtration elements designed to ensure a high level of brightness to the precious ingredients used by this industry without altering their fragrance and aroma.

Sterile filtration.

The technology that protects beauty’s allies

Sterile filtration becomes necessary when biological stability is a prior concern and it is indispensable to achieve an accurate removal of all the microorganisms that might spoil a product. Ionex proposes an Abso type filtration element that serves as a barrier to all kinds of spores, yeast, mould and, most importantly, bacteria.