Food and drink industry

Food and drink industry

Liquid filters for the food and drink industry.

Innovative solutions for very clear results

To purify the ingredients of beverages and make them bright before the bottling line by eliminating the causes of turbidity present in liquids. An indispensable task in the food & beverage sector. The excellent performance of Ionex micro-filtration products translates into solutions that are able to bring brightness to new levels and to reduce or totally eliminate the microbial charge. In this manner, consumers have access to products embodying the highest quality standards, clear, stable or totally sterile liquids. Innovative, top-performing filtration processes may be applied to a wide variety of alimentary products, including:

Beer, cider and alcoholic beverages
Soft drinks sugar syrups
Aromas and essences
Alimentary oils

Depth filters: the clarification process.

Leading-edge technology, for absolute purity

Even before you taste it, you may assess the quality of a drink based on its brightness. Beer, concentrates, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, syrups and jellies, liquid-based ingredients for the production of many food specialties – all food & drink industry products have to be processed by means of high efficiency liquid filters in order to ensure the quality that customers seek. Many raw materials used in their formulation contain a considerable solid contaminant load, and this is the reason why the initial filtration processes must be particularly efficient. To this end, Ionex has fine-tuned innovative drink filtration tools: the depth filtration cartridges in the Matrox range are able to capture and retain most effectively all the solid residues – no matter how fine – that may be present during the production cycle.

Matrox® Matrox® Ultra Matrox® HD

Prefiltration and brightening.

Reliability and precision, for brilliant results

Top quality drinks and products, free from deposits, clear. This is the top priority in this sector. A brightening process is deemed indispensable in the production of beverages, not only to eliminate very fine particles in suspension and organic and inorganic clumps, but also to remove all traces of spores, mould and yeast, which, over time, may alter the quality of a product. Prefiltration protects from early clogging all the final elements used in sterilisation and biological stabilisation processes. High quality filtration capacity mated to low operating costs is the ambitious goal that Ionex has attained with its MICROPRO, MICROGLASS GF and HYPRO STEEL product ranges:

Cold biological stabilisation.

When microbiological stability is a prior necessity

The most delicate filtering process, i.e., sterile filtration, calls for the total removal of contaminants and the abatement of the microbial charge. Sterile filtration is used in highly critical processes, such as blood fractionation. The technologies and the materials used must be totally reliable. In this connection, Ionex has developed a range of innovative solutions that stand out for the absolute level of efficiency attained in abating the microbial content, better than 99.9999%. Stringent checks ensure consistent results, that may be repeated at different levels and in the harshest conditions.

The filter cartridge ranges specially conceived for this purpose are: