Wine making industry

Wine filters: technology in the service of

DOC (controlled origin) wine.

Structure, harmony, aromatic and chromatic elegance. Good wine must have unique quality properties. This is why Ionex has established a special division focusing on wine filtration and the development of innovative wine filters. To ensure the total respect of the product’s organoleptic characteristics, not stability in the bottle pure and simple. The specific Wine range may be applied to following wine-related products:

Wine cooler

Depth filters: the clarification process.

For clearly DOC results

Brightness must be a primary characteristic of wine, with no signs of cloudiness or deposits at the bottom of the bottle. The depth filtration cartridges must therefore be able to remove the coarsest particles that cause ordinary turbidity phenomena. A good depth filter must also be able to capture and retain smaller, micron-sized particles, which cause opalescence and cloudiness in suspension. To meet this need, Ionex has developed the innovative Matrox range of wine filters:

Matrox® Matrox® Ultra Matrox® HD


Safety and precision in the most delicate stages

Indispensable in the cold biological stabilisation process, prefiltration is a very delicate stage, during which it is essential to protect the wine filters against early clogging. The aim is to minimise the quantity of particles in suspension by means of selective prefiltration units consisting of synthetic fibre layers, pleated to extend the effective surface area and thereby ensure maximum efficiency. Ionex has attained excellent results thanks to its MICROPRO, MICROGLASS GF and HYPROSTEEL prefilter ranges, that are able to optimise the biological stabilisation process and to prevent the early clogging of the final membranes.

Cold biological stabilisation.

Sustainability and biological stability. Proper filtration balance

Final filtration is a delicate balance between two necessities: to ensure maximum cold biological stability for the product before the bottling stage and at the same time to safeguard the unique character of a wine by avoiding an exceedingly aggressive filtration process. The new wine cartridges by Ionex, specially designed for the cold stabilisation of wine, meets both requirements and provide the wine makers with a powerful tool to protect the quality of their products. An excellent result, ensured by a filtration system specially designed for this stage: