Pharmaceutical industry

The filtration of pharmaceutical products.

The benefits of medicine take centre stage.

The highest quality standards are required by filtration processes in the biotechnology sector. This is where the Ionex filter cartridges in the PH range – specially conceived for the pharmaceutical industry – truly stand out. Absolute microbiological asepsis and total removal of organic and inorganic particulate matter are ensured by filtering elements with a porosity level of 0.1 or lower. These exemplary results find expression in the filtration of:

biological fluids and serums
dextrose and amino acid saline solutions
curative syrups
fermenter feeds
ophthalmic and parenteral medications

Depth filtration

Maximum purity, all the way

Separating the solid particles bigger than a micron from the base liquid by means of a depth filter so as to prevent the causes of turbidity. An important first step in the pre-filtration of all pharmaceutical fluids To this end, Ionex has developed Matrox, an innovative range of filter cartridges made from overlapping layers of polypropylene fibres, that are able to retain the coarsest contaminants in a highly efficient manner. These filter cartridges carry out an excellent separation action even on very fine particles, with average size smaller than 1 micron.

Matrox® Matrox® Ultra Matrox® HD

Polishing and prefiltration.

Decisive results in terms of reliability and precision

Prefiltration is an indispensable process to remove very fine organic and inorganic particles and clumps from a liquid. Besides ensuring high quality final filtration for fluids that do not require total microorganism abatement, prefiltration protects from early clogging all the final elements used in sterilisation and biological stabilisation processes, thereby optimising the costs incurred for this last filtration stage. To obtain high quality filtration capacity mated to low operating costs is the ambitious goal that Ionex has attained with its MICROPRO, MICROGLASS GF and HYPRO STEEL product ranges.

Sterile filtration.

Sterile filtration. Innovation in the most delicate filtering processes

Sterile filtration is the most delicate filtering process, in that it must achieve the removal of all contaminants and the abatement of the microbial charge. Sterile filtration is used in highly critical processes, such as blood fractionation. Accordingly, it requires highly reliable technologies and carefully selected materials.mTo this end, Ionex has developed a range of innovative solutions that stand out for the exceptional level of efficiency attained in abating the microbial content, better than 99.9999%.nStringent checks repeated at different levels ensure that all filter media are made from biologically inert materials, are suitable for use in the harshest conditions and may withstand many regenerative cycles. The filter cartridge ranges specially conceived for this purpose are: