Water filtration

Water filtration

Industrial water treatment filters.

Clearly innovative

Pure water: water is rated as pure if it contains no particulate matter, or is sterile, i.e., has no bacterial content. This is the stringent specification imposed by the industrial processes for the production of cosmetics, foods and drinks and chemical products. The drinking water and electronics sectors also want perfectly sterile water and require process filters with porosity levels below 0.2 microns. Ionex has developed the WT range filtration elements specially designed for use in efficient and economical water treatment processes. They are widely applied in the filtration of:

Drinking water
Process water
Ultra Pure water
Deionised water
Water before reverse osmosis
Excipient water

Depth filters: clarification.

A combination of top performing technologies

In chemical and pharmaceutical product, drink and foodstuff, make-up and perfume formulation processes, water plays a pivotal role. Equally vital is to ensure the purity of the water used in the production cycles. The Ionex depth filtration elements in the Matrox range are extremely efficient in removing particles such as sand, algae, rust and solid contaminants from process water. The Matrox range of filter cartridges is also used as valid upstream protection in ion exchange (IX) or reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

Matrox® Matrox® Ultra

Polishing and prefiltration.

Effective protection for the final membranes

The particulate matter in suspension in the water drawn from the water supply network must be eliminated by means of highly selective filtration units, which must also achieve a drastic reduction in the quantity of contaminants such as mould, yeast and spores contained in the water. The solutions embodied in the MICROPRO, MICROGLASS GF and HYPROSTEEL ranges may be seen as ideal filter cartridges for use in water treatment systems whenever maximum safety and precision are required together with low operating costs.

Sterile filtration.

A more effective filtration action to eliminate all the bacteria

Water that is perfectly free of any contaminant: this is the aim and the results to be achieved. This is the reason why, in order to eliminate altogether the bacterial that often undermine the quality of water, it is necessary to make use of sterile, membrane type filtration cartridges. The threat to the drinking water industry is the presence of bacteria that may harm people’s health, such as the Cryptosporidium, a microorganism which is hard to eliminate with the traditional water treatment systems. Bacteria are a common enemy for a wide variety of companies using water in industrial applications, e.g., to make pharmaceutical products, or electronic parts requiring extremely low conductivity water. The innovative filter cartridges in the Abso are effective weapons that manufacturers can use to protect the quality of the water used in their processes.