Compact and sturdy controlled porosity depth filtration cartridge: leading-edge technology for maximum brightness.

This range improves even further the advanced performances of Matrox cartridges. The use of polypropylene micro fibres (Ultrafine Fibre Technology) applied to Melt-Blown technology is able to ensure an absolute retention level.

With a significant increase in efficiency and retention precision, Matrox also improves the natural rigidity of the cartridge, which features a more compact design and greater resistance under pressure, so that the porous structure is not warped by pressure variations.

MATROX ULTRA uses a decreasing porosity configuration (with different filtration levels) resulting in a longer service life.

Matrox Ultra filter cartridges have an absolute filtration efficiency of 100% (ACTD) and porosity levels from 0.5 to 90 microns.