PES membrane for bio-reduction performance and submicron particle removal.

The filtration layer is made from a homogenous double layer of graded porosity PES, ensuring enhanced microbiological security. The membrane is inherently hydrophilic, and therefore does not need to be treated with chemical wetting agents. The ABSO TWIN cartridge’s outstanding mechanical resilience is not solely due to the use of two extremely robust mirrored Pes membranes, but also thanks to a structure that compensates for expansion and shrinkage caused by temperature chan -ges, especially during vaporisation. ABSO TWIN can therefore withstand harsh operating conditions, resisting mechanical, thermal and chemical aggression. This means that the cartridge can be subjected to numerous filtration and sterilisation cycles in complete safety with undiminished filtration capacity. The distinguishing characteristics of ABSO TWIN elements are : uniform pore distribution, repeatedly from batch to batch, operational stability, unvarying performance over time and verifiable efficiency through integrity test. All elements are manufactured in a clean room and are tested individually to verify integrity before packaging.